East Riverton, NJ
Assistant Equipment Maintenance Technician (Internal Only)
Assistant Maintenance Technician
Director of Project Management (Internal Only)
Engineering Deparment Supervisor
Help Desk Technician
Industrial Painter- First and Second Shift
Mechanical Assembler
Prepper- Second Shift
Quality Assurance Engineer
Quality Assurance Specialist
Sales Administrative Support
Sandblaster - Second Shift
 Hillsborough, NJ
General Mechanic
Logistics Equipment Control
Refrigeration Mechanic
  Electrician - East Riverton, NJ  

Job Description

To install customer required electrical packages.  Be able to work alone from electrical drawings.  Calculate total load amperage ratings, wattages, KW & KVA sizes.  Compile parts lists and maintain electrical inventory and have full understanding of the NEC code book.

Job Summary

This position reports to the Electrical Supervisor. The ideal candidate Must be able to work alone.  Able to install everything from main distribution panels with all branch circuits fully wired.  EMT & Ridged pipe bending a must.  Complete understanding of the NEC code book.  Knowledge of Transformers, Generators, motor starters, DC Voltages, alarm wiring, emergency stop circuits all a must.


•    Identify and implement efficiency improvements, cost reductions and profit improvement initiatives.

•    Accident prevention – correct and/or report any unsafe working conditions before they result in an accident.

•    Support the ISO 9001 Quality Management System and the Sea Box Quality Policy calling for self-inspection of your work product.

•    Inspect and test electrical systems and equipment to locate and diagnose malfunctions, using visual inspections, testing devices, and computer software.

•    Reassemble and test equipment after repairs.

•    Splice wires with knives or cutting pliers, and solder connections to fixtures, outlets, and equipment.

•    Install new fuses, electrical cables, or power sources as required.

•    Locate and remove or repair circuit defects such as blown fuses or malfunctioning transistors.

•    Adjust, repair, or replace defective wiring and relays in ignition, lighting, air-conditioning, and safety control systems, using electrician's tools.

•    Refer to schematics and manufacturers' specifications that show connections and provide instructions on how to locate problems.

•    Maintain equipment service records.

•    Cut openings and drill holes for fixtures, outlet boxes, and fuse holders, using electric drills and routers.

•    Measure, cut, and install frameworks and conduit to support and connect wiring, control panels, and junction boxes, using hand tools. Able to bend conduit.

•    Lifting production objects of up to 50lbs.

•    Performs other duties as assigned

•    Must be able to fulfill essential job function in a consistent state of alertness and safe manner.

                                                        Why work for Sea Box?

•    Competitive salary

•    401k employer match, paid vacation, holidays and employee birthday

•    Medical/Dental insurance

•    Quarterly safety incentive bonus when goals are met

•    Strong company growth with emphasis on employee advancement

•    Long list of unusual benefits, including birthday breakfast with CEO, turkey for Thanksgiving and many others.

Skills/Qualifications: Education: Associate and/or Bachelor's Degree a plus but not required.  Must be fully experienced in all types of electrical installations and NEC code book trained.

Experience: entry level in-lieu of 5 years experience.



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Tuesday, August 11, 2020