East Riverton, NJ
Assistant Equipment Maintenance Technician (Internal Only)
Assistant Maintenance Technician
Director of Project Management (Internal Only)
Engineering Deparment Supervisor
Help Desk Technician
Industrial Painter- First and Second Shift
Mechanical Assembler
Prepper- Second Shift
Quality Assurance Engineer
Quality Assurance Specialist
Sales Administrative Support
Sandblaster - Second Shift
 Hillsborough, NJ
General Mechanic
Logistics Equipment Control
Refrigeration Mechanic
  Quality Assurance Engineer - East Riverton, NJ  

Job Description

Job Purpose


Provide Quality Engineering controls in support of production operations. Oversee process improvements. Performs activities to train, motivate and evaluate quality department employees. Oversees and maintains the quality activities of all the company projects and reports finding to upper management. Plan, execute, and track training programs.  Endures compliance with engineering drawings and customer requirements.


Job Summary


This position reports to the Quality Manager. Knowledge of ISO 9001 Quality systems, processes, and techniques. Develop engineering controls to support quality inspectors. Clearly conveys information and ideas through a variety of media to individuals or groups in a manner that engages the audience and helps them understand and retain the message. Actively listens to others to clarify own and others understanding and works collaboratively with production personnel. Ability to apply quality processes to inspect and approve parts, components and systems. The ideal candidate possesses ability to use technological tools and business system applications to manage, synthesize, and interpret data. Ability to operate relevant personal computing hardware and standard software.




•    Accident prevention – actively identify, correct and/or report safety hazards to prevent accidents.

•    Actively identify and pursue cost reduction and efficiency/profit improvement opportunities.

•    Support the ISO 9001 Quality Management System and the Sea Box Quality Policy calling for self-inspection of your work product.

•    Contribute to profitability through efficiency improvements/cost reductions and/or new sales.

•    Supervise and lead the activities of employees engaged in Quality Inspection. Assign daily job duties and monitor daily performance.

•    Develop engineering controls to Quality Improvement.

•    Inspects visual welding, dimensional control inspection and NDT.

•    Assures compliance to the requirements of the Sea Box QMS, Standards, Codes, and Customer Requirements.

•    Develop and execute plans to meet quality, cost, schedule, and technical performance requirements in accordance with our ISO 9001-2015 approved quality management system.

•    Review Statements of Work (SOW’s) and mil-specs to ensure product compliance.

•    Coordinate DCMA inspections, customer quality certifications and related reporting requirements.

•    Interface with customers for first article and other site inspections.

•    Manage responses and closure for internal Non-Conformance Reports (NCR’s) and customer and vendor Supplier Corrective Action Reports (SCAR’s).

•    Performs other duties as assigned


Skills/Qualifications: Education: Associate’s or bachelor’s degree preferred. Proven leadership skills in managing subordinate personnel in a production environment are desired. ISO 9001:2015 Internal Auditor. NDT Level-2 VT, MT &PT weld inspector in accordance with SNT-TC-1A. IICL5 container inspection knowledge. AWS CWE, CWI, NACE, ASQ QE, Lean Six Sigma Certifications preferred.


Experience: Minimum of five years production/quality experience. Prior experience (military/commercial) manufacturing and/or maintenance also desirable. ASME, AWS, SAE and knowledge of military standards.





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