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  Paint/Coating Technician - East Riverton, NJ  

Job Description

Job Purpose:


The Paint/Coating Technician is responsible for evaluating customer paint and coating specifications, inspecting production in process and conducting paint quality tests to ensure compliance with customer specifications, improve blast, prime and topcoat processes and efficiencies, and pursue continuous improvements in painting processes. 


Job Summary


This position reports to the Quality Manager. The ideal candidate should have knowledge of paint equipment, different paint systems, Safety Data Sheets (SDS’s), Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), technical data sheets for primer and paint products and ability to review technical customer specifications. Knowledge of tools, equipment and materials common to the painting trade, including blast equipment and media, paint pumps and spray guns.. Ability to effectively communicate. Knowledge of paint QA measurement devices, including wet mil gages, DFT mill gages and blast profile gages.  Knowledge of special processes such as flame spray, foam insulation and polyurea coating.




•    Accident prevention – correct and/or report any unsafe working conditions before they result in an accident

•    Identify and implement efficiency improvements, cost reductions and profit improvement initiatives

•    Enforce safety and quality regulations.

•    Ensure Paint Travelers are fully completed and compliant with customer specifications.

•    Write Paint Plans and ensure compliance.

•    Track paint inventory, including expiration dates, and hazardous waste usage and reporting.

•    Review customer Statement of Work (SOW) for technical paint and coating specifications.

•    Ensure compliance with customer coating specifications.

•    Conduct various QA inspections and tests, including scratch/pull tests, DFT readings, blast profile readings, sheen/gloss readings and wet/water tests.

•    Inspect materials, products, or equipment to detect defects or malfunctions.

•    Demonstrate/train paint department employees on paint technique and equipment operations and work and safety procedures.

•    Observe work and monitor gauges, dials, and other indicators to ensure that operators conform to production or processing standards.

•    Interpret specifications, blueprints, job orders, and company policies and procedures for paint department processes.

•    Lead lean manufacturing initiatives such as Kaizen events and elimination of the 8 wastes.

•    Performs other duties as assigned


Skills/Qualifications: Education:  Technical knowledge of industrial coating processes and review of customer specifications.  Associates Degree or Chemical Engineering training a plus.


Experience:  5-10 years of experience in industrial surface preparation and coating processes.



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