East Riverton, NJ
Global Shipping Coordinator
Industrial Painter
Industrial Painter- Second Shift
Paint/Coating Technician
Parts Counter Associate
Project Manager
Quality Assurance Engineer
Quality Assurance Specialist
Quality Inspector
Sales Administrative Support
Traveling Setup Mechanic
 Hillsborough, NJ
Logistics Equipment Control
Refrigeration Mechanic
Shop Supervisor
  Shop Supervisor - Hillsborough, NJ  

Job Description

Supervisor Responsibilities:


Hire: Determine and select the best-qualified candidate. This includes writing the job description, working with the Human Resources Department


Orient and Train: Lead by example.  Provide appropriate orientation for the employee Give employees the information, technology and reference materials, equipment and tools necessary to perform their jobs. Training must be ongoing not only for new employees but for long term employees as well.


Assign work: Assign certain duties to the employee, explaining how those duties are to be done (i.e. what level of performance will meet the supervisor’s expectations) and communicate how the successful performance of those duties will be measured. Ensure that the employee is working under a current job description and in a classification appropriate to the duties. Update job description, and submit it to HR when completed.


Evaluate Performance: Managers and Supervisors should always lead by example and should make sure their employees are following all rules applicable to them. All employees are subject to a 90 day probationary period. Within those 90 days employees and their managers have the opportunity to evaluate the work performed, work environment and demand and decide if the employment should continue. There is a 45 day review as well as a 90 day review to provide feedback. Once an employee has completed their 90 days, it is understood by both (manager/supervisor and employee) that the employee is fit to perform the duties assigned and they shall continue employment with the company, unless otherwise indicated to HR, to process termination. Supervisors should also keep a log of all activity with each employee; you can refer back to it once the yearly evaluation comes. During the year, give and receive feedback, build a good rapport with your reports.


Reward Performance: Recommend performance awards and/or merit increases when appropriate, recognize in public and discipline in private.

Approving Time Records and Requests for Time off: it is each supervisor’s responsibility to report and obtain approval for special schedules, overtime hours, weekend work, and any change outside of the parameters set. This MUST be communicated to HR no later than 24 hours after the change was made. All communications should be in writing and must include approval.


Resolve Complaints: Help employees address and resolve a wide variety of concerns and complaints. These typically involve job duties and job descriptions, performance standards, relations with coworkers, relations with supervisors and managers. Human Resources and the Executive Team are here to mentor you and to walk you through the process. But it is your responsibility to execute these tasks.


Discipline and Dismiss Employees: Address performance problems through corrective action and dismissal (includes informal write ups, formal write ups, verbal warnings, suspensions and terminations). The policy normally requires "progressive" steps in the disciplinary process, except in extreme circumstances such as theft, violence, insubordination, etc. Contact HR for assistance early on if you suspect there may be a performance problem.


Training: all supervisors should familiarize their employees on policy all Policies including but not limited to Sexual Harassment, Harassment in General, Workman’s Compensation, Return to Work Policy,  Equal Employment Opportunity, Attendance and Punctuality Confidentiality Agreement etc.


Additional Responsibilities:


Additional responsibilities of supervisors include such activities as developing your staff, mentoring, and providing career coaching; motivating your staff, individually and as a group; understanding and supporting diversity; and establishing an effective team. 


Identify and implement efficiency improvements, cost reductions, and profitability improvements.


Other challenges might involve supervising temporary employees, interns, or staff who work different hours than you; supervising employees who work in different locations; and supervising employees who are under different work conditions/situations, or any other assigned to you.


Please contact HR if you need assistance with these or any other personnel issues.


  • Accident prevention – correct and/or report any unsafe working conditions before they result in an accident.

  • Identify and implement efficiency improvements, cost reductions and profit improvement initiatives.

  • Must be able to fulfill essential job function in a consistent state of alertness and safe manner.


General skills to build for effective supervision:

  • Setting goals and objectives

  • Delegating

  • Providing assistance and support

  • Providing a climate for motivation

  • Creating a supportive working relationship

  • Emphasizing continuing development

  • Providing opportunities for future growth and advancement


                                          Why work for Sea Box?

•    Competitive salary

•    401k employer match, paid vacation, holidays and employee birthday

•    Medical/Dental insurance

•    Quarterly safety incentive bonus when goals are met

•    Strong company growth with emphasis on employee advancement

•    Long list of unusual benefits, including birthday breakfast with CEO, turkey for Thanksgiving and many others.


Skills/Qualifications: Able to supervise a staff and comfortable with all tasks assigned. Posses the ability to communicate effectively, and objectively. Problem solving skills is required.


Experience: At least 1 year experience in the department he/she will supervise.






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