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Job Description



Clean Air Engineering is a leading engineering and consulting company.  We are currently seeking full-time engineers/technicians interested in performing air emissions measurements and testing air emissions measurements and testing air quality at industrial sites.




The position is responsible for working together in a team to conduct air measurement programs.  The work is mostly conducted according to predetermined methodologies.  This work is performed in a manner that has safety as its highest priority while collecting data that gives our clients the utmost confidence in our results. 


The Field Engineer has, at a minimum, attained a 4 year degree (Bachelor of Science) in an engineering or science discipline from an accredited university.  This person may, at times, function as a technician or another non-engineering role as necessary.  The Field Technician has a degree from a vocational institution, technical school or relevant training in the armed services.  

The Field Engineer/Technician has, at a minimum, attained a 4 year degree (Bachelor of Science) in an engineering or science discipline from an accredited college and has 2 years of field experience.  This person may, at times, function as a technician or another non-engineering role as necessary.


Nature and Scope of the Position:


This position primarily functions on field projects at heavy industrial sites (power plants, oil refineries, waste incinerators, aluminum plants, etc.) performing air measurements.  The incumbent will, at times, also work in the office, warehouse or laboratory performing essential tasks as required.  The incumbent will constantly evaluate test procedures and practices and, using their engineering knowledge, initiate and complete continuous improvement projects.  They will assist the Field Test Leader by performing necessary testing duties in the field.  In addition, the Field Engineer will learn more about the process being tested and determine additional ways to provide customer value.  In the office, the incumbent will work under the guidance of the Technical Leader and Business Leader.  They will develop new and improved equipment, procedures, and methods to increase the overall efficiency of the group. 



Typical Responsibilities:

  • Safety of crew

  • Equipment packing/unpacking/setup

  • Gas meter operation/probe movement

  • Sample train recovery techniques and analysis

  • Complete knowledge of EPA Methods 1-5 and the ability to to perform these test methods, analyses, and calculations

  • Participate in safety activities to ensure safe technical operations for office, laboratory and field personnel

  • Documentation and improvements to existing test protocols

  • Design and development of new test equipment

  • Explore existing technologies for application to source testing

  • Continuously improve data manipulation and reporting procedures

  • Work to stabilize variation and error in measurement systems and minimize effect on results






  • Continuous monitoring and improvement of housekeeping/safety practices/procedures

  • Participate in and support corrective action




  • Motivate crew

  • Identify strengths




  • Client/control room/vendors/plant

  • Multi-tasking skills




  • Managing conflict

  • Communication


Personal Attributes


  • Intellectual capacity

  • Detail Oriented



  • must have smart phone and be willing to use it for work

  • a good working knowledge of Word and Excel

  • ability to lift 65 lbs.

  • ability to climb a 100'+ ladder

  • willing to travel three to four weeks a month

  • must pass drug screen, criminal background check and motor vehicle record review and possess a valid driver's license




Superior medical, 401K, short and long term disability, tuition reimbursement, vacation pay and life insurance.  Salary is commensurate with experience.  For consideration, please click the "Apply for Job" button.


CleanAir is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer, offering challenging career opportunities, training, competitive compensation, and a drug-free/smoke-free working environment.




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