Dallas, TX
Maintenance Supervisor
Welder - 1st Shift
Welder Helper
Sales Representative
 Huntersville, NC
Creative CAD Specialist
Marketing Creative Manager
Project and Traffic Manager
Project Coordinator (Hrly)
 Lewisburg, PA
Corporate & Special Accts. Build Facilitator
IT Support Specialist
Jr. Product Designer
Machine Operator - 1st & 2nd Shift
Powder Coat Operator
Welder - 2nd & 3rd Shift
 Monett, MO
*Internal - Hanger Step Progression G1/S4
3rd Shift Senior Operator (West Plant)
3rd Shift Senior Operator (West Plant)
3rd Shift Tower Hand
Dock Loader - 1st Shift
EHS Technician
Fabricator (G1S1) 3rd shift
Fabricator G1S1 1st shift
IT Support Specialist
Jr. Customer Service Representative (30 hours a week)
Kit Builder G1S1 EZ-DOCK Kitting
Maintenance Technician (Third Shift) East Plant
Painter - 1st Shift
Payroll Administrator
PVC Dip operator 3rd shift
Receiver (Third Shift)
Regrind Powder Hand (3rd shift)
Rotomold Tower Hand - 2nd shift
Shuttle Driver (3rd shift) East Plant
Team Leader - Metals Fab - 1st shift
Value Stream Manager
Welders - All Shifts
 Silver Lake, IN
CNC Machine Operator
Coating Line Worker
Powder Coating Line Worker
Team Leader - Welding



The PlayPower Family of Companies

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Millions of children all over the world enjoy our indoor and outdoor playground equipment, and hundreds of thousands of recreational boaters rely on our floating dock systems. When you join us at PlayPower, you'll be a part of an organization that believes in products that make people smile.

Come join us and create a little fun!

Our current open positions are indicated on the left side of the screen. If you are interested in joining us, please select the Location and Position.   You can then create your personal profile and apply for the position.



Internal candidates will be given first consideration

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